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The Honorable Greg Hunt MP, Minster for the Environment, grants an approval to Galilee Coal and Rail Project in the Galilee Basin, Queensland.

19 December 2013

Waratah Coal

Waratah Coal is a privately owned Australian Coal Exploration and Coal development company.

The Company was previously dually listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and Australian Stock Exchange before being privatized and incorporated into the resource development company Mineralogy Pty Ltd in 2009.

Waratah Coal holds extensive Exploration permits for Coal and Exploration Permits for Minerals within the rich mineral basins of Laura, Bowen, Galilee, Styx's, Surat, Moreton, Maryborough, Nymbodia and Northern Territory.

Waratah Coal prides itself on its commitment to the economic development of regional Queensland through the growth of mineral wealth while operating with an excellent record in the areas of health, safety and the environment.


AUGUST 2013 - The Galilee Coal Project Commonwealth Environmental Impact Statement can be viewed here.
APRIL 2013 - The Galilee Coal Project Supplementary Environmental Impact Statement can be viewed here.
MARCH 2013 - The Waratah Coal Abbot Point Stand Alone Jetty Project Infrastructure Facility of Significance application can be viewed here.


China First - Galilee Basin
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The lastest company brochure can be viewed here.

The Queensland Nickel Group Brochure can be viewed here.


The Galilee Coal Project is located in the Galilee Basin near Alpha in Central Queensland, Australia. The project is an integrated coal project has the right to mine up to 1.4 billion tonnes of coal and is expected to produce 40 Million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of thermal coal over 25 years (with a typical product calorific value of 6,350kcal/kg).